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Belgrave's guide to local elections in the East of England: Suffolk

Belgrave's guide to local elections in the East of England: Suffolk



Are we about to witness the next stage of a Conservative revival in Ipswich, or is this the election where Labour returns to "business as usual"?

Ipswich Borough Council is the only local authority in Suffolk where elections are taking place this year, with one third of Ipswich's 48 Council seats up for grabs.

Last year the Tories enjoyed a net gain of 5 seats at the expense of Labour (4) and the Liberal Democrats (1). With local contests being held on the same day as the general election, Labour also failed to chase down Conservative MP Ben Gummer's 2,079 majority. This was despite Labour winning two seats from the Conservatives in 2014.

Can the Tories continue their progress and move towards taking power? Last year's impressive gains coincided with the higher turnout courtesy of the general election being held on the same day. The lower turnout may favour incumbent Councillors, whilst the backdrop of the impending EU referendum may see some Tory voters drift to UKIP. It's therefore unlikely that we'll see a change of control this time, but any gains for the Conservatives will be a sign that last year's success wasn't a one off but now part of trend.

Current composition:  Labour 31 - Conservatives 15 -  Liberal Democrats 2